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I had some nightmares.

#tbt To all the good times back at home. #famaswami
Sunday nights.
#tbt to the last day.
9801 Bonus tracks are up today. Excited to share these. Epilogue I/Epilogue II
Drafting far away from here. Goodbye, Kansas.
Spending the last moments here playing some final notes, reflecting on all of the wonderful times, the discoveries, knowledge, warmth, and refuge that it has offered over these 18 years. Goodbye, 9801 Ensley. (at 9801 Ensley Lane)
Refuge, past. (at 9801 Ensley Lane)

Final moments in the studio. (at 9801 Ensley Lane)

Drifting through.

Return to Flatland. (at Kansas)

Backyard. (at 9801 Ensley Lane)

Point of Origin. (at 9801 Ensley Lane)